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Minnesota Dog Bite Prevention Program

The materials for download are only for those who have attended a Dog Bite Prevention Training.

Please download the Inroduction to Program Guide to determine what materials you need and then Click on appropriate materials to download for
Dog Bite Prevention Training:

Additonal instructions for printing bookmarks

Go to
Select that you'd like to print a bookmark (9x2 inches is what ours are)
Printplace will ask you to upload your images - you have these images on the CD in your dog bite prevention packet. They are labeled "Bookmark front" and "Bookmark back" or download below.
Once the images are uploaded; approve the bookmarks for printing. They may say that the image quality is not up to par- because the pictures are so small, that shouldn't be problem.
The bookmarks will look the ones in your dog bite prevention kit.

Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association
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