MVMA Responds to Katrina

In the past week, the nation has experienced the worst natural disaster in our memory. Hurricane Katrina has made us all keenly aware of the devastation and more importantly need for each of us to respond.

The MVMA office has coordinated the calling to active alert the MVRC (MN Veterinary Reserve Corps) members. MVRC volunteers have set up the animal reception center at Camp Ripley as it is anticipated if and when people arrive some will be bringing pets. The animal reception center is ready and is on hold. Thank you to all who went immediately and those who are still on active alert.

The MVMA office has received numerous calls, as I am sure many practices have, regarding how the public can help. AVMA has announced a $500,000 matching gift program to aid animals and the profession in the devastated areas. The announcement of that is on the MVMA website at

The Minnesota Veterinary Medical Foundation will also accept donations that will be forwarded to the AVMF and the matching funds gift.

Please also note the following letter received that is asking for your support.

September 7, 2005 
RE: Lend a Paw donation request for pets affected by Hurricane Katrina 

The recent disaster in New Orleans and Mississippi Gulf Coast has devastated the entire region. Forward progress in aiding the victims has been slow, but visible. It is the pets that now need a helpful hand. Everyone is doing what they can, and as veterinarians, here is way to help. 

My name is Jason Gehrman, I am the son of a second generation veterinarian. Caring for animals is as much a part of my family as I’m sure it is yours. I am hoping that members of the MVMA, can come together and be an example for other state associations. I am suggesting a donation of $100 from each practice, as that would be a great start to aid the animals affected by the disaster; however, any amount would help. 

Donations to the Lend a Paw fund are tax deductible, and when donated through the Minnesota Veterinarian Medical Foundation or the American Veterinary Medical Foundation will be sent directly to the affected regions with the explicit purpose of aiding displaced or injured animals and the profession. Once we receive your check, the MVMF will send you a letter for tax-deduction purposes reflecting your donation. 

Sincerest thanks for your consideration – from my family and all the pets that survived Katrina,  

Minnesota Veterinarian Medical Foundation
101 Bridgepoint Way Suite 100
South St. Paul , MN 55075  
Make checks payable to the Minnesota Veterinarian Medical Foundation