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Those Darn Fleas

Fleas! What a headache! At times it seems the world is infested. Well, take heart. Fleas can be controlled with proper measures. The big key is to take care of the problem before it develops. For cats and dogs this means routine spraying or powdering your pet or using a good flea collar or dip. For cats, dips and collars must be used with discretion. Always use only products that are specifically made for your pet.

Should you develop a flea problem, you're in a whole new ball game. Now you must concentrate not only on your pet, but also on its indoor environment (especially bedding areas), and possibly its outdoor environment. This usually calls for a combination of sprays and aerosol bombs, or the use of a professional exterminator. To prevent poisoning your pets or family, and yet get effective control, always consult a professional - your veterinarian or exterminator. Fleas can't be beaten overnight, so hang in there and continue to follow your professional advice, as it can be a potentially dangerous game, and certainly an uncomfortable, hair pulling one.

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