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Veterinary Careers

Becoming a veterinarian begins with the selection of courses in high school. High school students considering a career in veterinary medicine should pursue science courses, especially biology and chemistry. Courses in mathematics and physics are also helpful. Practical knowledge and experience can be gained by visiting veterinary clinics, animal shelters and being exposed to a large number of animal species.

Pursuing a pre-veterinary course of study at the college levels would include courses in chemistry, biology, physics, math, and English.

The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree (D.V.M.) is a four-year professional program preceded by three to four years of pre-professional study. During the first three years of the D.V.M. program, students focus on the study of the normal animal, the pathogenesis of diseases and the prevention, alleviation and clinical therapy of diseases. The program ends with a full year of clinical rotations in the teaching hospital setting where students learn methods of care and the skills needed for practice.

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