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  • MVMA skilled staff available to research and answer your questions, or direct you to where the answers can be found
  • Practice and disease brochures and manuals available to members for their office and/or their clients
  • Career Center online employment ad opportunities provided to members including access to VCN (Vet. Career Network)
  • Clinic services can be advertised in newsletter (ad fees apply) and listed on the MVMA website “Find-a-vet”
  • FREE to members - Newsletter that provides useful information, updates on key issues, ads, and calendar of events
  • Member directory that provides member resource and member contact information
  • Website with useful information and links to classifieds, convention, seminars and more (Go to www.mvma.org)
  • Website identification of local veterinarian and referral source to members and clinics
  • MVMA maintains strong relationship with national AVMA organization and has access to their valuable resources
  • Resources readily available for responding to media requests
  • FDA pet food recall alerts and other federal/ state government special announcements sent to members or on website

"The MVMA has done so much for me and for the veterinarians of Minnesota. Most important is its role in unifying our profession on a local level. Through the MVMA, veterinarians can work together on issues that affect animals and people of our state. The MVMA provides a united voice when working with the public, the media, the legislature, trade groups and those who seek to work with us or against us.

The MVMA provides local, convenient CE where I can keep up with the latest developments in veterinary medicine and keeps me in touch with my local veterinary community through get-togethers, the website and newsletter. My volunteer activities through the MVMA give me an opportunity to reach a larger audience and speak to them about the important role veterinarians play in the health of everyone in our state." Kate An Hunter, DVM


  • Members save on average $400 annually through discounts at the annual convention, seminars, marketing materials and advertising discounts.
  • FREE - Classified ads placed with first 35 words free for members (ads posted online and/or in newsletter)
  • FREE - Pharmaceutical flow charts for food animal veterinarians (Dairy producer card available to members!)
  • Gain access to member portal of the MVMA website with additional information and resources for members only
  • Member relief list for members vacationing or temporarily away from their practice (frequent posting of relief veterinarians)
  • Grievance program designed to effectively handle animal owner complaints
  • First year veterinary students receive FREE membership and thereafter student membership just $25
  • Half price dues for 1st and 2nd year practicing veterinarians
  • Disabled, retired, and veterinarians experiencing illness are eligible for reduced dues (inactive status)
  • Recognizes and supports senior veterinarians with complimentary "life" membership and an active Council of Senior Veterinarians
  • FREE - Members receive complimentary office decals to proudly display their organizational membership
  • Members receive limited time special promotions and discounts offered periodically to MVMA members
  • Chemical dependence program available to members (Special program planned during the MVMA annual convention)
  • MVMA members can receive legal referral and assistance to skilled attorneys familiar with veterinary practice issues

“'Being a member and contributing participant of the MN Veterinary Medical Association has been a very positive, fulfilling experience.  I have been able to make valuable connections outside of private practice and have become more professionally engaged than I likely would have otherwise.  Additionally, I know that as a member I am contributing to a local organization that keeps emerging issues on the radar that could directly affect my practice." Matthew J. Boyle, DVM


  • MVMA employs skilled lobbyists in the state to support needed legislation or fend against harmful legislation
  • Advocacy program that actively monitors state/federal legislation (Please sign up to be a legislative key contact!)
  • Legislator clinic visits available, scheduled at your convenience (contact the MVMA office to arrange a visit)
  • VET-PAC program funded by MVMA members provides important access and assistance to legislators
  • Forge alliances with other professional and agriculture organizations (AVMA and Agrigrowth Council Partners)

"As a member of the Government Affairs Committee of the MVMA and Co Chair of the MVMA VET-PAC, I have felt a close involvement in legislative activities which impact our profession. This close involvement makes me feel that I am justified in being heard by those in legislative power as well as making those folks aware that I am available to them to help them form an opinion on pending legislation. Other members of our committee have been frequently at the capitol and are noted entities who are constituents interested in legislation that will not only affect our profession but the public we serve. And of course it does not hurt to know that the Senate majority leader has grown up in Buffalo, and our representative is a long time trusted acquaintance who also lives in Buffalo."
Stanley Held, DVM


  • Veterinary Medical Reserve Corp program for emergency and disaster planning (Please consider being a response volunteer)
  • Nearly 20 committees and MVMA volunteer opportunities available to members (certain to be a committee for you)
  • Popular State Fair CHS Miracle of Birth Center and Surgical Suite exhibits provide positive public relations of veterinary services
  • Foundation (MVMF) provides important scholarship and member grant opportunities (Please consider making a donation!)
  • Supportive of veterinary technician credentialing and educational program partnerships
  • MVMA works collaboratively with the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine and the MAVT (Vet techs)
  • VetCamp program available for members wanting to offer veterinary profession education at schools and community
  • Dog Bite Prevention program certification and materials available for student and community education
  • Task forces are created to address emerging issues.

"Volunteering at the fair and the Miracle of Birth Center I believe helps the public not only understand the important work we do as veterinarians but it also helps the public better understand the importance of taking good care of the animals and the quality food/drink that derives from healthy animals."
Mike Hannon, DVM
MOBC Volunteer


  • Frequent educational programs and seminars developed by MVMA veterinarian member CE committee volunteers
  • Academy membership available to members that serves to record and provide certificates for member CE credits
  • Quality Continuing Education (annual meeting and quarterly seminars) Registration discounts available only to members!

"I have had very rewarding experiences for many years working with the MVMA, particularly on the CE committee and the Student-Graduate Committee as well as volunteering as needed. I have enjoyed working to organize the annual scientific meeting, find great speakers and host them during the convention. Assisting the office staff with the many Freshmen Welcome Back BBQ's at the college has been a terrific experience and helps to build relationships between the MVMA, the CVM and all our students for years to come."
Bob Hardy, DVM


  • Special recognition and veterinary awards given to veterinarians, industry and others (Submit a colleague for an award)
  • Animal Hall of Fame program awards outstanding animals annually (Submit a client nominee for the Hall of Fame)


  • Networking opportunities through annual meeting, seminar and committee activities and involvement.
  • “Like Us” on the MVMA Facebook page and start receiving regular updates and veterinary news postings.
  • MVMA members support and participate in fun foundation activities such as the Annual Golf Classic and Clay Shoot events
  • Supports a host of student activities (Annual BBQ, SCAVMA activities, and graduation and White Coat events).

"I was a student MVMA member throughout vet school, and became quickly involved after vet school as a member of the CE committee. The MVMA has always been a welcoming place for me. I've enjoyed the fellowship and networking, as well as the leadership opportunities the MVMA has provided for me. Through the encouragement of my colleagues at the MVMA, I've gone on to chair several committees since vet school, including the CE committee, the Small Animal Welfare committee, and the Dog Bite Prevention Task Force. I was also lucky enough to be president of the organization in 2008. All of these experiences have taught me so much about important aspects of veterinary medicine that I never would have encountered in my day to day practice. Thanks MVMA for being there for me and all of the vets of Minnesota!"
Teresa Hershey, DVM

Call (651-645-7533) or email (info@mvma.org) today to learn more about how we can help you and your practice



"As a student member of the Minnesota Medical Veterinary Association, I have had the opportunity to connect with veterinarians at a local and state level. These interactions are invaluable to my future as a veterinarian."
Jen Gallus, DVM

"Veterinary Hospitals Association (VHA) has always believed in supporting veterinary medicine. In doing so, VHA has been a loyal supporter of MVMA and MVMF (the foundation). We have had the opportunity to strengthen our commitment to the veterinary community by supporting the missions of both the MVMA and the MVMF. We have participated with the MVMA Convention, Seminars and Foundation events such as the golf tournament and Clay Shoot and have established many valuable relationships along the way. It is rewarding to see the Foundation results with grants and scholarships awarded to students in the Veterinary field. The symbiosis and good will is felt by VHA members knowing they are "giving back" with long term benefits to our association through our involvement."
Dave Perry, former CEO/General Manager, Veterinary Hospitals Association

"Anchor Bank has been a member of the MVMA for several years. It has been a very beneficial association for our bank. Events that are sponsored by MVMA have given us the opportunity to visit our customers and prospects alike. The MVMA has also kept us informed and educated. I would highly encourage anyone who is contemplating joining the MVMA to do so."
Jim Friend, Vice President, Anchor Bank

"The MOBC is a great way to bring agriculture to the city. It's important for consumers to know how their food is produced. MOBC allows our community to promote both our profession and our agricultural industries, and it's a fun way to spend the day."
Kathy Jorgensen, DVM


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