MVMA Academy of Veterinary Medical Practice

Since 1974 the Academy has maintained the lifelong learning mission for the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association serving as the continuing education arm for the profession. Benefits to Academy Membership include:

  • The Academy will maintain a record of your continuing education accomplishments provided by you through the annual CE tracking form (link below for current Academy members). 
    • Academy Members who receive 50 or more continuing education credits receive a James O. Hanson Scholar Certificate.
    • Academy Members who receive 30 - 49 continuing education credits receive an MVMA Academy of Veterinary Medical Practice certificate.
  • Academy Members are recognized each year in an issue of the MVMA newsletter indicating their commitment to lifelong learning in the veterinary profession.
  • Academy Members receive $15 off the MVMA Academy Seminar.

Current 2020 MVMA Academy Members 

Academy Members

2020 James O'Hanson Scholars
(50+ CE credits)

2020 Academy Scholars
(30-49 CE Credits)

Dr. Anna Davies
Dr. Larry Anderson
Dr. Dennis Gallenberg
Dr. Stacy York
Dr. David Gilgenbach
Dr. Mary Hanke
Dr. Aleda Tysver
Dr. Nathan Winkelman

Dr. Meg Glattly
Dr. Bradley Treder
Dr. Charles Schwantes
Dr. Craig Piepkorn
Dr. Kathryn French
Dr. Nancy Hansen
Dr. Roy Martin
Dr. Julie Woodman











For more information regarding The Academy of Veterinary Medical Practice, please contact the MVMA.