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AVMA Summer Delegates Report

In our September/October edition of the MVMA Messenger, Dr. Teresa Hershey provided a summary from the summer AVMA House of Delegates Convention in Denver, CO. You can find the full report with all resolutions discussed here. 

We want to give a big thank you to Dr. Matt Boyle (pictured above) for his eight years of service as an American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Delegate. We couldn't have asked for a better representative on behalf of the veterinary profession here in Minnesota.

Dr. Teresa Hershey will move into the Delegate role and Dr. Scott Dee will be stepping into the Alternate Delegate role.

MVMA Awarded "Best in Business" 

The MVMA was honored to receive a national “Best in Business” Award from the Veterinary Medical Association Executives (VMAE) this past July.

The award recognized the MVMA’s efforts in launching a partnership between our association, Mission Animal Hospital and Cristo Rey Jesuit High School - Twin Cities. There are 37 Cristo Rey Corporate Work Study programs across the country with 100s of corporate partners, but until now, there had never been a partnership in a veterinary clinic.

“This partnership is a step in the right direction to help high school students from all backgrounds access the veterinary profession.” MVMA Executive Director Kelly Andrews said.

We are excited to announce we will be continue this partnership for the next academic year. The MVMF has joined on as a partner with the MVMA and Mission Animal Hospital. Read more about the award and partnership in this feature from the American Animal Hospital Association. 

MVMA Member Gives Back Through Care of Magical Creatures

Dr. Nikko Grossapoulos (known around the Minnesota veterinary community as Dr. G) has spent time out of his past two summers sparking interest in veterinary medicine as the Care of Magical Creatures teacher at a role-play immersive theater and wizard camp called Frogwarts, originally inspired by the Harry Potter series. The same imagination and creativity found at the camp has fueled Dr. G's career path. Read this inspiring member spotlight here. 


MOVE Presents: Wild Nights at the Minnesota Zoo

It was a "wild night" at the Minnesota Zoo recently! To coincide with the 80s, 90s and new wave music theme for the night, MOVE hosted an event around old school vs new school ways to use medicine, client communications and surgery in veterinary medicine.

MOVE, Minnesota Opportunities for Veterinary Engagement, has a full calendar of events this fall! Check them all out here. 

 Mental Health and Wellness Benefit Making Large Impact

Over one year ago we introduced a new partnership with Restorative Path Counseling and Wellbeing. The MVMA recognizes that the Veterinary Profession and Community is selective on who they will approach with their struggles, and in an effort to reduce the barriers, we now provide access to a reliable and credible mental health professional (Mrs. Athena M. Diesch-Chham, MSW, LICSW) with 11 years of veterinary experience.

The impact of this partnership has shown how important and needed this benefit is. In the past year this benefit has paid for 251 therapy sessions and has helped 51 individuals across the entire state of Minnesota. The difference is being felt throughout veterinary clinics (3 practice managers and 8 technicians have used the benefit) and across all career stages (3 student members have also used the benefit).

 MVMA members and their team have access to…

• Individual therapeutic consultation
• Access to 5 additional sessions covered by MVMA to allow time to gain additional skills, tools or coping strategies to manage situations regardless of insurance or financial barriers
• Ability to reach Restorative Path Counseling and Wellbeing on short notice for crisis debriefing and emotionally charged/sensitive situations

Visit or reach out to [email protected] to learn more.