Legislative Agenda

2021 Legislation Bill Tracker

SF 73,
HF 208
Sen. Ruud Rep. Freiberg Companion Animal Board Oppose Senate Ag Finance/Policy
House State Government Finance/Elections
 SF975 Sen. Tomassoni University of MN Funding (CVM and VDL) Support Sen. Higher Ed.
 HF 1524 Rep. Sundin BVM/BAH Funding Support Bill is for BAH funding- House Ag. Policy/Finance
 HF 2553   Vet Tech Licensure Support Bill language being drafted by lobbyists/staff
    Pharmacy, Compounding, Opioids, Dispensing (pertaining to veterinarians) Monitor  
    Dangerous Dog Registry Support  
    Animal Health Research, Education, Outreach Monitor  
    Veterinary Practice Act Changes Monitor  
    Scope of Practice Impacting Vets Monitor  
 Budget Gov. Walz Veterinary Student Loan Program Support Gov. removes eliminating funding provision
    Declawing of Cats Monitor  
SF 335
Sen. Dibble
Rep. Bierman
Ban of Gas Chambers in Shelters
(see below SF2207 related bill)
Oppose Senate Ag. Policy/Finance
    Commercial Breeder Law Changes Monitor  
    Mandatory Dog/Cat Rabies Vaccinations Monitor  
    Medical Marijuana for Pets Monitor  
    Criminal Background Checks of Vets Monitor  
Rep. Rasmusson,
Sen Koran
Animal Chiropractic Registration, etc  Monitor House/ Senate HHS Finance/Policy


 SF370       Sen. Bigham         Prohibit Pet Sales in Retail Pet Stores  Monitor Senate Ag. Policy/Finance
SF374   Sen. Bigham  CWD Herd Infection, Depopulation Monitor Senate Ag. Policy/Finance
SF494          Sen. Rarick BAH Member to be from a federally recognized tribe  Monitor Senate Ag. Policy/Finance
 HF568 Rep. Mekeland       Emergency med. personnel care to police dogs (non-vet)     Monitor House/ Senate HHS Finance/Policy
HF1137 Rep. Hanse Change size (9) and composition of BAH (regional) Monitor House Ag. Policy/Finance
SF2207 Sen. Nelson Euthanasia of pets with nonanesthetic gas at spec. places Monitor House Ag. Policy/Financ


MVMA Public Policy Principles

1.Continually review, protect, and update the Veterinary Practice Act in order to ensure it is purposeful and functional for the industry. 
2.Actively monitor legislative activity pertaining to the scope of practice issues.
3.Monitor the veterinary nurses (veterinary technicians) initiative that is being promoted by NAVTA.
4.Support further discussions with individuals or entities with regard to spay/neuter programs in Minnesota. 
5.Support state funding for the Minnesota veterinary student loan repayment program.
6.Support Minnesota Animal Agriculture.
7.Monitor the declawing issue and continue to be engaged with this issue.
8.Actively monitor the new criminal background check’s plan and policies for veterinarians.
9.Monitor proposals aimed at changing the existing commercial breeder law.
10.Monitor and collaborate with other stakeholders on mandatory dog/cat rabies vaccination.
11.Monitor proposals pertaining to the ban of gas chambers for euthanasia in shelters.
12.Monitor medical marijuana proposals for pets.

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