2019 LNL
Lunch 'N Learn

Lunch 'N Learn sessions were developed in 2013 as a way to help busy MVMA members obtain CE credits without having to leave work. The free online one-hour members-only sessions are held on the second Tuesday of each month from 12:00 pm-1:00 pm (central). Attendees receive 1 interactive CE credit.
WebEx meeting software is used to conduct the online Lunch 'n Learn series. Join a test meeting now to ensure your device is set-up properly. 

2019 Lunch 'N Learn Schedule


Tuesday, August 13-AVMA Update

Matt Boyle, DVM, AVMA Delegate 
Sharon Hurley, DVM, AVMA Delegate
Join your AVMA Delegates to hear about the recently concluded AMVA Convention 2019 in Washington, DC. They will provide AVMA House of Delegates highlights and updates.

Tuesday, September 10-Challenge is Enriching, Rocks are Not!

Brian Greco, DVM, Animal and Food Science, University of Wisconsin-River Falls
“Environmental enrichment” has become a ubiquitous component of animal care programs. But, few understand the underlying theory or practical applications. Consequently, contemporary enrichment practice in homes, zoos, and research facilities is it often misguided. The goal of this presentation is to review the history of environmental enrichment; discuss the importance of designing enrichment practices around behavioral, cognitive, and physical challenge; identify methods that provide these challenges; and review the assessment of enrichment practices.

Dr. Greco’s scholarly and research interests are directed towards understanding how housing complexity, the use of operant conditioning, and the predictability of management/handling events influence stereotypic, anticipatory, and social behavior. He is also interested in using cognitive challenges to enhance environmental enrichment practices and to support progressive animal care practices. Brian is currently an Assistant Professor in the Animal and Food Science Department at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls. In this capacity, Brian teaches several undergraduate level classes addressing animal behavior, training, ethics, and welfare, in the context of agriculture, companionship, research, and zoos. Brian also serves as a faculty advisor to the UWRF Animal Welfare Judging Team and the CARE Club. In addition to his academic appointment, Brian has served as a consulting animal welfare scientist for AWARE Institute since 2014. Through AWARE Brian works on a variety of projects addressing welfare issues for elephants, cetaceans, canines, and primates. Brian is the author of peer-reviewed papers on stereotypic behavior, animal management, and animal learning. Prior to becoming an academic Brian was a zoo elephant trainer and has illustrated the covers and figures of several publications.

Tuesday, October 8-CBD Products and Veterinary Medicine

Cody Wiberg, PharmD, MS, RPh, Minnesota Board of Pharmacy
Join Dr. Cody Wiberg, Executive Director of the MN Board of Pharmacy, as he explains the Minnesota laws related to CBD in products being sold for animal consumption.

Cody Wiberg received a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Minnesota in 1985.  He has worked as a clinical pharmacist, community pharmacist, and nursing home consultant. From 1999, until he joined the Board in September of 2005, he was the Pharmacy Program Manager for the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Dr. Wiberg is a Clinical Assistant Professor for the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy and an Instructor and Course Director for the University of Florida Graduate School. (From which he received a Master of Science in Pharmacy Policy and Outcomes in 2009).  Dr. Wiberg was named to Minnesota Physician's quadrennial list of the state's 100 Most Influential Health Care Leaders in 2008, 2012 and 2016.

Tuesday, November 12-Introduction to Bovine Fetal Gender Determination

Erika Wierman, DVM, Staff Veterinarian, EI Medical 
Bovine practitioners will learn the basics of fetal gender determination via transrectal ultrasound.  General concepts will be discussed, followed by numerous example images of fetuses in various stages of gestation and positions.  Participants should have a knowledge of basic reproductive ultrasound interpretation.

Dr. Erika Wierman is a 2008 honors graduate of the Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine.  Following an internship at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital, she worked in private practice until she joined E.I. Medical Imaging as the staff veterinarian.  Dr. Wierman manages the education and training department at EIMI, where she teaches current and future customers as well as vet students to incorporate ultrasound into their practices.

Tuesday, December 10-Creative Kudos: Rewarding, Recognizing and Appreciating Talented Team Members

Sally Ryan, DVM, Veterinary Leadership Services
Engagement research tells us that employees appreciate recognition and rewards and that they want more of it! We also know that meaningful recognition enhances employee engagement. The challenge is that many leaders believe that they lack the time, money, creativity and skill to reward and recognize employees in a impactful way. In this webinar we will review the importance of creating a culture of appreciation. We will learn how to give praise in a sincere and impactful way. Finally, we will identify creative and practical tools for recognizing our talented and hard-working employees.

Dr. Ryan is an enthusiastic and experienced leader in the veterinary industry. She brings with her 17 years of experience as a senior leader/medical director for a multi-site emergency/specialty veterinary organization; years of hands-on veterinarian experiences in emergency, primary care and shelter settings; and serves as a professional leadership trainer/consultant.

Missed the both of the important webinars provided by Dr. Cody Wiberg from the MN Board of Pharmacy on recent legislative changes? You can listen to either of them now. Click here for June 28th and here for July 8th.