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Committees of the association are formed to address the many issues and concerns, which come before the veterinary profession. Members are invited to volunteer their time and talents to serve on committees of interest to them. Throughout issues of the newsletter, various committees will be highlighted including a listing of those serving on the committees. If you would like to serve on any committee, please call the MVMA and volunteer. Every attempt is made to accommodate your service to your profession. Come to a no obligation committee meeting or talk with the co-chair for more details.

1. Wellness and Peer Assistance Committee
2. Continuing Education Committee
3. Finance & Operations Committee
4. Food Animal Committee
5. Governmental Affairs Committee
6. State Fair - Miracle of Birth Center Committee
7. State Fair - Surgery Suite Committee
8. Membership Committee
9. CVM Liaison Committee

10. Veterinary Practice and Management Committee
11. Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Committee
12. Practice Ethics & Grievance Committee
13. Public Health Committee
14. Council of Senior Veterinarians 
15. Small Animal Welfare Committee
16. Veterinary Technicians Committee 
17. Industry Partners Committee
18. Inactive Committees


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2021 MVMA Committees and Committee Charges

Always remember the AVMA as a valuable resource for MVMA committee work.

View the complete listing of MVMA committees, committee charge and chair contact information below: 

1. Wellness and Peer Assistance Committee (formerly Chemical Impairment and Addictions Committee)

BOD Liaison: Nancy Peterson, DVM 
Committee Chairs: Marceen Hammer DVM 218-268-4038, [email protected]
Provides resource information to MVMA members on issues of suicide awareness, chemical dependence, mental health, professional burn-out and compassion fatigue. The committee members regard it as their responsibility to provide assistance to MVMA members in need and to help them resume a well-balanced and healthy life.  The committee plans a track at the MVMA convention around wellness issues annually.  The committee is not a regulatory agency and does not report to one. 

     Wellness and Gender in Veterinary Environments (WeGIVE) Subcommittee
     BOD Liasion: Joni Scheftel, DVM
     Subcommittee Co-Chairs: 
     Stacy Holzbauer, DVM,  651-201-5414, [email protected]
     Megan Schommer, DVM, 612-822-1545, [email protected]
Wellness and Gender in Veterinary Environments (WeGIVE) was formed group as a result of the MVMA’s Veterinarian Survey conducted spring 2017 and the Board of Directors strategic planning meeting in December 2017. Originally charged with planning a track at the Annual Meeting to help female members address challenges they face in the demanding veterinary profession; the group quickly acknowledged that many of the challenges affect veterinarians of all walks of life. In an order to be inclusive they adopted the name WeGIVE. Outside of the Annual Meeting, the group organizes activities that foster a welcoming and supportive environment for all in the veterinary medicine field.  

2. Continuing Education Committee

BOD Liaison: Gary Goldstein, DVM
Committee Chair: Jennifer Schurrer, DVM, 763-856-6150, [email protected]
Create and carry out continuing education seminars for veterinarians and staff; assist veterinarians in broadening their knowledge and skill levels to provide the best medical care for their clients and patients.

3. Finance & Operations Committee (formerly Finance Committee)

BOD Liaison: Heather Douglas, DVM 
Committee Co-chairs: Jerry Sprau, DVM, 651-208-2900, [email protected],
Rob Memmen, DVM, 952-545-9161, [email protected].
Develop a fiscal policy including budget analysis, separate convention budget, long-range dues increases, review of expenditures, recommendations for the expenditures of funds, increases and decreases of expenses. Annual review of policies and procedures for MVMA financial transactions.

4. Food Animal Committee

BOD Liaison: Matt Boyle, DVM  
Committee Chair: Joe Armstrong, DVM,
[email protected]
To keep MVMA members apprised on food animal issues such as pharmaceutical use in food-producing animals, as well as other food safety and welfare practices that enhance animal agriculture and production. The FAPC will monitor current federal and Minnesota regulations for food animal practitioners will communicate new information to MVMA members through regular newsletter articles and will work to assist members with their efforts to be compliant with the current food animal and safety standards and best practices pertaining to food animal species. Contribute to the planning of all large animal CE. 

5. Governmental Affairs Committee

BOD Liaison: Matt Boyle, DVM
Committee Chair: John Baillie, DVM, 651-770-3250, [email protected]
Assistant Chair: Jessica Koppien-Fox, DVM, 507-401-6592, [email protected]
Serve as liaison for the MVMA with the state legislature and various state agencies. Develop the annual legislative program for approval by the Board of Directors and in cooperation with the standing committees. Coordinate the activities of the lobbyists in support of the annual legislative program. Monitor legislation affecting veterinary medicine at the state and national levels. Serve as liaison for the MVMA with the Minnesota Agri-Growth Council, and livestock, commodity and companion animal organizations. Promote membership in VET-PAC and update yearly the Key Contact Network. Prepare and distribute the Legislative Alert Bulletins to the Key Contact Veterinarians during the legislative session.

6. State Fair - Miracle of Birth Center Committee

BOD Liaison: Matt Boyle, DVM
CVM Liason: Jennifer Granick, DVM, PhD, DACVIM
Mary Olson, DVM, 320-679-4197, [email protected]
Holly Neaton, DVM, 952-240-2192, [email protected]
David Wright, DVM, 763-242-7535, [email protected]
Gala Beckendorf, DVM, 507-225-3401, [email protected]
Kevin Haroldson, DVM, 218-732-9866, [email protected] 
Kathy Pjevach, 612-578-4591, [email protected] 
Marjorie Schleper, DVM, 320-761-9598, [email protected]
Michaela Olson, DVM[email protected]

To educate fairgoers about the birth process and about the care animals receive from producers and veterinarians. In addition, educate fairgoers about animal agriculture and how farmers will meet the challenge of feeding the world’s expanding population with limited resources.

7.  State Fair - Surgery Suite Committee  

BOD Liaison: Lukas Wallerich, DVM 
Committee Co-Chairs: Krista Walkowiak, DVM, 612-624-5156, [email protected]
Travis Anderson, DVM, [email protected]
Organize and coordinate all aspects of the State Fair Surgery Suite to educate the public on pet overpopulation and veterinary medicine in general.

8. Membership Committee 

BOD Liaison: Connie Sillerud, DVM
Committee Chair: Nancy Peterson, DVM, 507-276-4838, [email protected]
To promote and retain MVMA membership for the continued growth and advancement of the organization. The Nominations and Awards Subcommittee reports to this committee. Last Meeting:  April 29, 2019
     Nominations and Awards Subcommittee
     Subcommittee Chair: Matt Boyle, DVM
Develop a list of nominees for positions to be elected to the Board of Directors and coordinate MVMA awards activities. 

9. CVM Liaison Committee

BOD Liaison: Ned Patterson, DVM
Committee Chair:
Strengthen the relationship between MVMA and students, faculty, and graduate veterinarians. Identify and support collaboration between MVMA and the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine. Work toward increasing valued benefits for faculty members. Promote and foster communication.

10. Veterinary Practice and Management Committee

BOD Liaison: Gary Goldstein, DVM
Committee Chair: James Nelson, DVM, 952-934-0335, [email protected]
Reviews and studies veterinary practice and economic issues in the areas of practice management, tax, legal/regulatory, reimbursement, pet insurance, staff, practice guidelines, etc. Strengthen and enhance the practice of veterinary medicine. Contribute to the planning of annual convention and seminar practice management topics. 

11. Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Committee (

BOD Liaison: Ann Brownlee, DVM
Council Chair: Michelle Willette, DVM, 612-624-1353, [email protected]
Assist the MVMA to coordinate with local and state agencies to facilitate the development of a sustainable veterinary disaster and emergency preparedness program to protect and serve the people, pets and animal agriculture of Minnesota. 

12. Practice Ethics & Grievance Committee

BOD Liaison: Ann Brownlee, DVM
Committee Chair: Kathryn French, DVM, 651-601-8691, [email protected]
Review complaints from various concerned parties and confidentially mediate disputes between dissatisfied clients and veterinarians. (No regular meetings, complaint-based meetings)

13. Public Health Committee

BOD Liaison: Ann Brownlee, DVM
Committee Co-Chairs: Stephanie Yendell, DVM, 651-201-4894, [email protected] 
Courtney Wheeler, DVM, 612-756-2810, c[email protected]
Enhance the health and well-being of both humans and animals through education. Keep the veterinary community informed of public health/regulatory medicine issues and promote the human-companion animal bond.

14. Council of Senior Veterinarians  

BOD Liaison: 
Council Chair: Dick Olson, DVM, 651-238-6179, [email protected]
Provide a forum to discuss issues of interest to senior veterinarians, and to participate in projects beneficial to the profession. 

15. Small Animal Welfare Committee

BOD Liaison: Connie Sillerud, DVM
Committee Chair: Paul Anderson, DVM, 952-212-6109, [email protected]
To develop and monitor programs and policies that influence companion animal welfare issues in the state of Minnesota. Furthermore, explore feline overpopulation, spay and neuter programs or initiatives, and investigate ways of providing veterinary care to individual pet owners who face economic challenges in providing veterinary care for their pets. 

16. Veterinary Technicians Committee 

BOD Liaison:  Ned Patterson, DVM
Committee Chair: Allen Balay, DVM, 320-222-8260[email protected]
Serve as a liaison between MAVT and MVMA. Promote credentialing and continuing education of veterinary technicians. Encourage veterinarians to fully utilize credentialed veterinary technicians as vital members of the veterinary health care team. Support the growth and advancement of the veterinary technician profession broadly, and as a career that can sustain the individual long-term.

Veterinary Technician Credentialing Subcommittee 
BOD Liaison: Ned Patterson, DVM
Subcommittee chairs, Allen Balay, DVM & Kim Horne, CVT, VTS (Dermatology) 
Review MVMA Continuing Education guidelines and MN Veterinary Technician Certification Renewal Requirements and revise as needed.  Evaluate certification renewals of current CVTs, provide feedback when requested for new applications with recommendations to approve/reject.

17. Industry Partners Committee

BOD Liaison: Chris Anderson, DVM
Committee Chair: Bill Butler 651-501-3759, [email protected]
Helping veterinarians feel supported by industry and providing feedback for MVMA/MVMF events while fostering industry relationships through collaboration and networking.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Task Force
Task Force Chair:  Ned Patterson, DVM

Opioid Task Force
Task Force Chair: Jessica Fox, DVM

Inactive Committees:

1. Equine Issues Committee (Inactive)
To keep MVMA members apprised on equine issues as well as other health and welfare practices that enhance equine care and practices. The EIC will monitor current federal and Minnesota regulations pertaining to equine issues, will communicate new information to MVMA members, and will work to assist members with their efforts to incorporate best practices pertaining to the equine species. Contribute to the planning of the annual convention equine program of the MVMA. (No recent meeting)

2. Feline Issues Committee (Inactive)
Recognizes the significant need and opportunities for veterinary care with cats as companion animals. It also considers the challenges associated with feline medicine. (No meeting)

3. Communication and Community Relations Committee (Inactive)
To promote and foster stronger communication, visibility and community relations among the MVMA and the veterinary profession. The state fair subcommittees report to this committee.  (No meeting)

Committees – Identified in the bylaws (standing) or task forces and ad hoc committees appointed as needed by the current president or board of directors.

Councils – On-going self-governing groups to engage diverse member interests.  They may take on projects or simply be a forum to unite and allow exchanges of like-minded members.

Task Forces – Small groups formed to address a specific need or project-based activity with a limited scope and duration. 

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