Relief Veterinarian Available

Jennifer Mulcahy, DVMSmall animal relief veterinarian available in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. Licensed in MN. I’m an experienced veterinarian skilled in medicine, soft tissue surgery, and dentistry. I’m reliable and great with clients, patients, and staff. Contact me at: 313-410-9861 or [email protected] (posted 4.30.24)

Patricia Keyes, DVM - Your well needed DVM relief is here! Former practice owner, flexible, personable, and available for Medical appointments and minor surgeries that pop up (not scheduled) for the Twin Cities, possibly outstate (if I can bring my little dog!) You deserve a break too! Dr Patricia Keyes, 612-210-7506, [email protected] (posted 4.30.24)

Dr. Nancy Cowardin - available for relief work for small animal & exotic pets for long term/short term. I am licensed in MN & ND and provide excellent wellness care, medicine, dentistry and soft tissue surgery services with outstanding patient, client and business skills. [email protected] or 320-291-2689 (posted 4.15.24)

Victori Ribeiro, DVM - Communicative, productive SA veterinarian available for relief in the Twin Cities, surrounding areas and Western WI. Licensed in MN/WI. Experienced in surgery, dentistry, internal medicine. Outstanding customer service, client-building skills. Contact me at [email protected] or 651-503-0482 (expires 12/31/24)

Arlice Olson, DVM - Small animal relief veterinarian available to help support your business in the metro area and limited outstate. 25+ years experience. (612)616-2317 or [email protected] (expires 12/31/2024)

Ann Burt, DVM - Small animal relief veterinarian, short or long term, MN or Wisc. Reliable, Enthusiastic, Excellent client communication skills, 30+ years experience. 952-567-0366, [email protected] (expires 12/31/2024)

Aleda Tysver, DVMCompassionate, enthusiastic, dependable small animal relief veterinarian. Licensed in MN & WI. Over 18 years experience in relief work. Contact me at 612-991-4730 or email: [email protected]. (expires 12/31/24)