Lunch N Learn

Lunch 'n Learn sessions were developed in 2013 as a way to help busy MVMA members obtain CE credits without having to leave work. Lunch 'n Learns are open to all veterinary professionals! The one-hour sessions are held on the second Tuesday of each month from 12:00 pm-1:00 pm (central). Attendees receive 1 interactive CE credit.

Non-Member MN Licensed Veterinarian-$45/per session
CVTs, VTs, VAs-$20/per session
Non-MN Licensed Veterinarian-$20/per session

WebEx software is used to conduct the online Lunch n Learn series. Join a test meeting now to ensure your device is set-up properly. 


Tuesday, June 13-The Ultimate Social Media Playbook: How to Optimize Your Strategy
Laura Bush, Marketing Specialist, Veterinary Hospitals Association (VHA)

With over 74% of consumers relying on social networks to guide their purchasing decisions, it's clear that social media plays a crucial role in shaping consumer behavior. In the United States, millennials (ages 26-40) make up the largest pet-owning demographic, spending an estimated 2 hours and 15 minutes daily on social media. For veterinary businesses, having a strong social media presence is essential to reach and engage with potential clients as well as nurture relationships with existing clients. Given the continued prevalence and influence of social media, it's a tool that is likely to remain relevant for the foreseeable future. This webinar will provide a clear and concise breakdown of the essential components of social media, including the who, what, when, where, and why. It will help demystify the complex algorithm for veterinary teams, making it easier for you to understand and navigate the world of social media. 

Over the past three years, Laura has established her expertise in the world of marketing for veterinary medicine, gaining invaluable knowledge and understanding of the unique needs of veterinary teams and their clients. Laura appreciates that social media often takes a back seat to saving actual lives and promoting the health and well-being of pets, their people, and their communities. Nevertheless, she understands the value of social media in connecting veterinary professionals to their pet owner clients, and Laura has made it her mission to make social media understandable, accessible and user-friendly for veterinary teams. With her expertise in marketing and her understanding of the veterinary industry's needs, Laura is eager to help veterinary professionals thrive, reach their clinic's goals, and better serve their loyal clients. 

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Tuesday, July 11-When the Unexpected Happens: Protecting Your Income and Your Craft with the Right Type of Long-Term Disability
Andy Ahlberg, Employee Benefits Consultant, Dyste Williams
Andrew Gilmore, Regional VP of Sales, Medical Group Insurance Services (MGIS)

It takes many years of education and training to become a veterinarian. The expectation is that you will earn a solid income until retirement. But what happens if you become sick or injured during your career?  In this session, we will help you navigate the complex world of disability insurance including:

  • How you can protect your craft and future earnings through long-term disability insurance.
  • The difference between Individual Disability Insurance and Group Long Term Disability and the pros and cons of each.
  • What type of underwriting you can expect - Guarantee Issue vs. full medical underwriting.
  • 70% of veterinarians are female. What does that mean in terms of cost of coverage?
  • Recruiting and Retention: Do you have a hard time recruiting top talent to your practice and keeping valued employees? Learn how a competitive employee benefits platform can help solve those issues.  

Andy leads Dyste Williams’ Employee Benefits Consulting Practice, providing employee benefits, health management and employee engagement strategies to more than 250 small to mid-size organizations. With more than 20 years of healthcare industry experience, Andy leverages his extensive knowledgeable of small group marketing segments, distribution, benefit compliance, underwriting and enrollment to help organizations understand the implications and cost of various plan designs.

Andrew has devoted more than two decades to developing and distributing disability programs.  He is currently the Vice President of Sales for MGIS; a company that focuses exclusively on solving the disability needs of healthcare professionals. 

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Tuesday, August 8-What a Veterinary Team Wants
Thom Jenkins, MA, VetMB, MRCVS, CEO and Founder, PetsApp

Explore tools and frameworks to address why the average veterinary team experience does not live up to the delightful customer experiences they are expected to deliver. Take homes include: 1) empathizing with the changing expectations of your team; 2) applying customer experience methodologies to the veterinary team experience; and 3) prototype and test one employee experience improvement.

Dr. Thom Jenkins has managed veterinary clinics all over the world, and now serves as CEO and Co-founder of PetsApp, a client communication and engagement tool for veterinary teams.

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Tuesday, September 12-Are Your Ducks in a Row? Be SECURE with Your Retirement Plan
Allyson Krause, CRPP, Managing Director of Retirement Plan Services, Trust Point Inc.
Jon Marquet, JD, Retirement Plan Consultant, Trust Point Inc.

The SECURE Act and the possibility of SECURE Act 2.0. The SECURE Act made significant changes to the administration of employer-based retirement plans, including changes that affect both plan sponsors and plan participants. This educational presentation will focus a number of those changes, including newly required lifetime income illustrations, changes to safe-harbor requirements, expanded plan eligibility requirements for part time employees, expanded start-up tax credits for plan sponsors, and penalty-free withdrawal for childbirth or adoption, among other possible topics. This educational presentation will also address the possibility of SECURE Act 2.0 becoming law and will consider some of the anticipated changes that may result, including expanding automatic enrollment, raising catch-up contribution limits, and offering assistance to student loan borrowers, among other possible topics. [Note: SECURE Act 2.0 may or may not become law by the time of this planned 2023 LNL presentation. Thus, this educational presentation may be adjusted to reflect current status and existing conditions at the time of presentation].

She is a Certified Retirement Plan Professional®. This certification reflects and demonstrates her expertise and unmatched proficiency in the field of employer-based retirement plan (e.g., 401(k) plan) services. Ms. Krause’s expertise extends to a wide variety of employer-based retirement plan topics, including, plan design, legal and legislative monitoring and implementation, including ERISA compliance monitoring, record keeping and administration, plan-related IRS document preparation, plan compliance testing, safe-harbor and profit sharing requirements, and providing sponsor and participant education, among many other employer-based retirement plan topics. 

Jon Marquet is the Retirement Plan Consultant at Trust Point Inc. He is a licensed attorney in Minnesota, Iowa, New York, and New Jersey. He works with business owners to identify and address their needs in connection with employer-based retirement plans. He also works in concert with plan sponsors, plan participants, and others in Trust Point Inc.’s Retirement Plan Services group to initiate, administer, and regularly review client employer-based retirement plans. He has presented on numerous and various legal topics throughout his career and his most recent educational presentation addressed newly implemented rules and regulations requiring plan sponsors to provide plan participants with lifetime income illustrations on their benefit statements.

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Tuesday, October 10-Top Three Current Marketing Focuses & Answers to Marketing Questions
Kelly Blatzell, MA, CEO, Beyond Indigo Marketing

In this webinar we will focus on the top three marketing tips you need to know right now to optimally function as a business in today’s society. We will explain each of the three tips and how to navigate them for your hospital. With fluid world events, ever-changing digital platforms, and the emergence of AI like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, what do you need to know? Also, you may have marketing questions you need answered, or desire to learn from other people's questions. Please bring them and we will try to cover as many as we can in this discussion. 

Kelly Baltzell, M.A. is President and CEO of Beyond Indigo Pets marketing agency. Under her leadership, Beyond Indigo Pets has remained at the forefront of the veterinary marketing community, providing data-driven marketing services, custom website design, and results-focused product innovations for 25 years.

Tuesday, November 14-OPEN

Tuesday, December 12-OPEN