Sponsorship Opportunities

Dear Friends of Veterinary Medicine,

Sponsorship opportunities for 2020 are available. The Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA) holds one of the largest veterinary conventions in the Midwest and is one of the top in the country. Our dedicated Continuing Education and Program Committees together with MVMA staff continue to bring top quality educational speakers to Minnesota as well as a social venue that draws high attendance. In 2020, the MVMA Annual Meeting will be held in Minneapolis at the Hilton Hotel. Corporate sponsorship is needed to afford the quality of education veterinarians need and desire and they appreciate your commitment to their profession. The MVMA is committed to giving our corporate sponsors the benefits and recognition they deserve for their generous sponsorship. Benefits your company will receive through corporate sponsorship are shown in the chart below as well as other non-tangible benefits that include:

  • Exposure to a targeted constituent group
  • Corporate Goodwill
  • Brand Recognition
  • Increased Impressions

The sponsorship opportunities available are shown with estimated sponsorship levels. Your sponsor benefits are listed in the sponsors' benefits table below and will change according to the dollar amount of your total annual sponsorship. Please call the MVMA office at (651) 645-7533 and Kelly or Nicole will be available to discuss with you the sponsorship opportunities or email [email protected] Don't wait, these sponsorship opportunities are limited and will be available on a first come basis. Thank You.

Sponsorship opportunities are subject to change. When possible, renewing sponsors have the first opportunity to reserve their sponsorship type for 2020. 

The following benefits are given to all convention sponsors:

  • Recognition by session moderator*
  • Recognition via signage at appropriate location(s)
  • Sponsor ribbons for all attending representatives
  • Recognition in the MVMA's newsletter and website (MVMA News and MVMA.org)
  • Top Choice for booth selection
  • Exhibit Booth Signage recognition
  • Opportunity to place an insert in attendee bags (need inserts by January 30, 2020)
  • Recognition in logo slideshow presentation at lunches
   Diamond  Gold  Silver  Bronze
   $8,000+  $5,000-$7,999  $2,500-$4,999  up to $2,499
 Exhibit Booth Location Selection **  1st Choice 1st or 2nd  2nd or 3rd  3rd
Recognition in logo slideshow presentation  X  X  X  X
Recognition in Annual Meeting program booklet- Ad space  Full page  1/2 page    
Advertisement space in MVMA News - (3 issues of your choice) 1/2 page ($1,600 Value) 1/4 page ($860 value)    
Recognition on Exhibit Hall entrance signage  X      
Recognition via lobby banner registration area  X      
Benefits of a corporate membership - MVMA News subscription  X      
Banner ad on www.mvma.org  X      

- note that sponsor benefit is when applicable
- note that 2nd or 3rd choices are given only when higher-level sponsor already takes 1st choice

Opportunities are Limited - Act Now

2020 Annual Meeting Opportunities Available - Minneapolis, Hilton Hotel - OPEN
Continuing Education Program Partner* - $500 - $5,000
Play a major role in the continuing education of veterinarians.  Program details to come.  Call the MVMA and speak with Kelly or Nicole for sponsorship availability, 651-645-7533 or email [email protected] or [email protected].

Current Topics and Speakers for Small Animal & Practice Management

Behavior - Dr. Chris Pachel, SPONSORED by VETOQUINOL - Thank You! 

Cutting Edge - Drs. Melissa Eisenschenk, Justine Lee, Jane Quandt, Lisa Powell, Amanda Beaudoin, Jennifer Granick, and Margaret Duxbury- SPONSORED by ZOETIS - Thank You! 

Alternative Medicine - Dr. Ronald Koh - OPEN

Surgery - Dr. Clara Goh - SPONSORED by Academy of Veterinary Medical Practice - Thank You!

Dermatology - Dr. Sheila Torres - SPONSORED by DECHRA - Thank You!

Immunology - Dr. Richard Ford -SPONSORED by BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM Thank You! 

Neurology - Dr. Missy Carpentier - OPEN

Feline Medicine - Dr. Michael Lappin - SPONSORED by ELANCO - Thank You!

WeGive - Colleen Crockford, Wil Sampson-Bernstrom, Heidi Brenegan, and Athena Diesch - Sponsored by MVMF - Thank You!

Wildlife Rehabilitation - TRC & WRC - OPEN

Practice Management - Dr. Sally Ryan - OPEN

All Day Program - See Above! $2,500 - $5,000 OPEN
1/2 Day Program  
$500 - $2,500 OPEN
Friday Breakfast Seminar  OPEN $1,000  OPEN
Saturday Breakfast Seminar SOLD, Sponsored by Hill's Pet Nutrition $1,000    SOLD

MVMA Annual Meeting Program Booklet Advertising - $400 - $750 - OPEN - OPEN - SPONSORED by Diagnostic Imaging Systems, Veterinary Medical Center, Four Legged Tooth Fairy and Hope Science in 2020 - Thank You.  Final ads needed by 1-10-20.

1/2 page program ads are available in the MVMA Annual Meeting Program ($750)
1/8 - 1/6 page ads are available in the MVMA Program Book ($400)
Given to all attendees at registration!

Proceedings Website - link emailed prior to meeting - $3,000 - OPEN - SPONSORED by MVMF in 2018 - Thank You
Put your company name/logo and message on web page viewed by convention attendees as they download proceedings. Website is functional for one year! 

Friday Night Exhibitors Reception - Trivia Mafia attendee event held outside the Exhibit Hall with all attendees (DVM and Technicians) invited.  Great food provided and cash bar available.  Be the exclusive sponsor - $3,000 - $5,000 and Need Prizes! - OPEN.

Drink Tickets at Exhibitors Reception Friday Night, Great giveaway to your loyal customers! - 50 Tickets - $500 - OPEN - SPONSORED by ANIMAL EMERGENCY AND REFERRAL CENTER OF MINNESOTA in 2018  - Thank You

Plenary Lunches - $3,000 - $5,000 - OPEN

Welcome attendees at lunch, logo slideshow, provide table top info/items. 

Thursday Lunch with the Exhibitors - 400 veterinarians - Sponsor the Grand Opening of the Exhibit Hall - OPEN

Friday MVMA Members Business Lunch - 400 veterinarians, MVMA Awards - OPEN

Saturday Awards Lunch - over 400 veterinarians - with Keynote Speaker -  OPEN
Animal Award Presentations - Be the Presenter! - Media Visibility

Luncheon Table Gifts - $1,000 - $2,000 - FRI OPEN, SAT OPEN- SPONSORED by ANIMAL EMERGENCY AND REFERRAL CENTER OF MINNESOTA & 3M Animal Care in 2020 - Thank You
Place gift items at each attendee's place at daily lunches

Convention Break - $1,000-$1,500 break daily (morning break, afternoon break) - OPEN - SPONSORED by IDEXX & MVMF in 2019 - Thank you
Opportunity to provide snacks to attendees – signage at food station(s)

Daily Beverage Station - $1,000/day - OPEN
Opportunity to provide beverages to attendees - signage at beverage station(s)

Attendee Note pads with company logo - SOLD - SPONSORED by Scott Build - Thank You!
Provide the MVMA with 1,000 - 81/2 x 11 notepads placed in all attendee bags and used often!

Attendee Badge Holders - $500 - OPEN - SPONSORED by Elanco in 2018 - Thank You
A cost-effective sponsorship

Attendee Bags/Portfolios - $3,000 or more SOLD - SPONSORED by the Veterinary Medical Center - Thank You!
Another visible sponsorship opportunity - every attendee gets one!

Attendee Pens - $1,000 - SOLD - SPONSORED by Bayer  - Thank You
Great visibility during and after the convention!

MVMA Seminar Continuing Education Partner 2019-2020 - $1,500 - $5,000

MVMA Spring Seminar, April 23, 2020 - $3,000 SOLD - SPONSORED by BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM - Thank You! 

Dr. Adam Birkenheuer - Infectious Diseases

MVMA Summer Seminar, June 11, 2020 - $3,000 - SOLD - SPONSORED by DECHRA - Thank You
Dr. David Bruyette - Internal Medicine

MVMA Academy Seminar, September 24, 2020 - $3,000 - SOLD - CO-SPONSORED by Aventix and MVMF in 2020 Thank You
Dr. Shelby Reinstein - Ophthalmology

MVMA Fall Staff Seminar, November 19, 2020 - $3,000 - SOLD -SPONSORED by CARECREDIT Thank You
Dr. Mary Gardner - Geriatrics

Benefits specific to Spring, Summer, Academy, and Fall Staff Seminar

  • Sponsorship Display table at seminar location
  • Link to company's website on MVMA.org
  • Recognition in registration materials and signage at seminar location
  • Insert opportunity in seminar attendee's folder

Create Your Own Sponsorship - $
Work with the MVMA to create your own, attention-getting sponsorship that enhances your own goals. Sponsorship opportunities are subject to change. Current Annual Meeting sponsors have the first opportunity to reserve their sponsorship type for the next year.

Sponsorship opportunities are subject to change. Current Annual Meeting sponsors have the first opportunity to reserve their sponsorship type for the next year.